September 17 2012

1. The 14th was my fifteen-year anniversary with the FAA. This feels like a bit of an accomplishment. Even though, realistically, all that’s happened is that time has passed. I didn’t have much to do with that.

2. I watched the series premiere of Revolution on Hulu. It seemed perfectly fine, with two caveats.

First, I found myself wondering, repeatedly, whether S.M. Stirling was paid royalties for this idea, or whether the execution is sufficiently different from his Dies the FIre books. I know I watched the pilot noting all the differences from his novels. It was a bit like seeing a movie set in one’s not-frequently-filmed hometown — I was marking what things they chose to use and what differed, exactly as if Stirling’s novel were a real place somewhere that I could compare.

Fiction, man, it messes with my head.

The second point I noticed is that reading or watching stories set at the moment of societal collapse or shortly thereafter always fill me with the urge to horde. Mostly medicine and vitamins and things my kids would need. The collapse of the infrastructure that keeps me alive is not a thing I can control or prevent, therefore it fills me with intense anxiety.

I was far more sanguine about my post-apocalypse inevitable death before I had children. Now I am not sanguine.

3. We are st that season of the year when the Shoe Rug, that area by the front door on which we keep in-use shoes, is a vast swath of rug and floor and walkway, spreading like mold across the living room. When J and I ponder the Shoes In Use, we realize that, no, ALL of these shoes are indeed in use. Flip-flops, sandals, crocs, sneakers, work shoes, boots, rain boots … it’s the season of ALL THE SHOES.


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