September 24 2012

1. The fall Circus Juventas term begins today. We received the kids’ class confirmation on Saturday afternoon. 🙂

K is taking twelve classes, covering fourteen hours over six days a week. Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday are the big days. We will be able to mostly drop K off and pick her up hours later. However, this first week, I am going to go watch most of her classes. Partially to see her and who her teachers are and who is in her classes, and partially to connect with the other parents and see who is available for things like, oh, say, rideshare.

2. I am watching the first season of the tv series Homeland on dvd. I am fascinated by it. There’s a wonderful tension being demonstrated, between the flaws of the people responsible for the protection of the United States and the fact that these flaws do not make them either right or wrong.

It just makes them flawed.

The acting is riveting. I tend to zone out, a bit, while watching tv shows and movies. Product of watching things in snippets on my breaks at work while doing ninety-seven things online. But this show, this show grabs my attention and keeps it.

3. Yuletide sign-ups are soooooooooon. \o/ I am looking forward to this.


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