First week of circus

We’re halfway through the first week of the circus term. It’s going reasonably well.

K is in twelve classes. Fourteen-and-a-half hours of class over six days a week. We’ve clearly hit that point where, if we weren’t homeschooling, we’d have trouble supporting this level of engagement. Especially considering that K also takes flamenco dance, swimming, karate, and Spanish classes, and is in a choir and a band.

We talked to her about it. About how, if this is The Thing She Wants To Do, we will support it. We will pay for it, and get her to classes, and work with her at home, and make time for the performance schedule, and help her try out for roles. But, that, this does mean there are four days a week in which K will get up, get ready, practice instruments, do school, do chores, go to circus, and go to bed. Nothing else, no play time, no time with friends outside of circus. K agreed to this. She seems to want it.

Now that we are three days in, she is really tired. It’s a lot of late nights of hard work at the end of the day. It’s also hard to have to move constantly from one mandatory thing, like chores, to the next, without a break. I know that I dislike that sort of tempo. I like breaks and down time.

I don’t know how K will feel about it. I don’t know if she will feel that the accolades, the hard-earned skills, the camaraderie, and the applause will be worth the tiring schedule and the days of being nagged by us to get the next thing done.

I think K herself doesn’t know, yet. Some things you just have to try for yourself.


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