Ren Fest

We took our annual trip to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival this past Friday. I have a congenial goodwill towards RenFest these days. Everyone there is just trying to have a good day, or be entertaining. :shrugs: It’s all sort of low-key and fun.

When I was younger – in my twenties, I mean, not a kid – I had a certain amount of insecurity-based scorn for RenFest. In hindsight, I think I was afraid of my own enthusiasm. As if, should I show I cared for a thing, I could be hurt through it. This … makes a certain amount of sense. One can be hurt through the people and things one cares for, certainly. I can be hurt through my children. I know this, and it’s a thing I fear.

But hobbies and likes and fandoms, being hurt through these is … not a guaranteed thing. One has to first allow that the person teasing or mocking or insulting one’s passion has a better right than one’s self to judge it. When I was younger, I presumed everyone I liked had better taste than I did. Therefore if they did not like a thing, I was wrong.

I’m older now, and really don’t have a lot of time for negativity in my life. Also, I both care less what my friends think, and, more subtly, I have learned that I can care yet still disagree. This is an Important Life Skill.

At any rate, Fest was entertaining, we all enjoyed ourselves, and no-one huzzah’d at me. Life is good.