12 stitches!

So, yesterday afternoon marked the first time I cleaned the blades of the immersion blender without making certain it was unplugged.

Also, the last time I, or any member of my family, will make that mistake.

I am very glad for the early training I got in first aid. My dad was a rural first responder when I was a kid. I learned the basics from him and his books. I rinsed my finger, tried to assess the damage, applied pressure, glanced at it again, and told J I needed stitches. We tied a rag around my finger, I elevated it and continued to apply pressure. We bundled the kids into the car and drove the half-mile to Urgent Care.

I love having health insurance. I love having the Urgent Care clinic be local. I am grateful for these things.

We signed in and waited about ten minutes. During that time the blood stopped oozing through the rag, which I took to be a good sign. The nurse, when escorting us back, asked what she should expect. I laughed and reassured her that all the parts were attached. She gave a relieved sigh and said it’s always good when no parts arrive in a separate cup.

After cleaning the cuts out the nurse left and the nurse-practitioner arrived to examine the situation. We determined that I did not cut any tendons, ligaments, or bone. Go me! So she could stitch it up.

Twelve stitches later …

She said it was tricky, because of the way the multiple cuts overlapped. Immersion blender, you understand. Chop-chop.

I’m home, and fine, and it rather hurts. Also, my finger is splinted to prevent me bending the stitches and tearing them open. And I can’t get it wet for five days. This is challenging, but not insurmountable.

The kids, I should note, were troupers. They were quite scared at first, of course. But we and the nurses were all very calm and matter-of-fact, and answered all the questions the kids had. Information counters fear.

The tl;dr?

Double-check that your blender is unplugged before cleaning the blades.





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