Let the UFYH continue

While we were all sick, the house got into a state. The last couple of days J and I have tried to beat entropy back.

Installed spice racks
Cleaned the basement to make it passable
Caught up on dishes
Scrubbed counters
UFYH’d the drawer of plastic bags and foil and such
Tidied the dining room table
Cleaned out the toy corner of the living room

Also we’ve made the kids clean their room. And they’ve been cleaning the basement playroom a little bit each day for a week.

My house is never again going to be as clean as it was when we had adoption agents coming to interview us on our suitability as parents. THAT was a whole ‘nother thing, yes. But we try to keep it livable. We try to keep it clean enough that we’re not irritated by the mess. I think we’ll be back to that standard in another day or two.


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