October 19 2012

1. Cooking! It’s root vegetable and gourd season, and I am poking around for ways to cook said items. I found a nice recipe for carrot-parsnip puree. Doubled the garlic, of course. And I made my traditional roasted root vegetables. And I made stock. Yesterday was a busy cooking day!

2. K is finding the circus schedule a bit wearing. We talked about it, and found a couple classes she can drop at the winter term sign-up, if she still wants to drop things at that point. No harm, no foul. Twelve classes is an absolute ton.

3. I’m re-reading all eighteen Phryne Fisher books. I find them so blissfully easy and comforting.

4. Both the kids helped with the cooking yesterday. K is working on her knife skills, and M is perfecting his egg-cracking. I think they are at the point when I should make sure they know a few recipes from start to finish. Also, how to use certain things like the slow-cooker. A person who can make beans, steam veggies, and boil both eggs and pasta is a person who will not starve after college.

5. American Horror Story is back! I haven’t seen the episode yet, but YAY. Really happy.