Dear Yuletide Author!

Hello Yule Goat! Thank you for participating in Yuletide. I truly appreciate it, and look eagerly forward to whatever fiction you offer. If you are seeking further guidance, I have some thoughts below. But please, bear in mind that I will welcome whatever the creative process brings you.

In general I prefer fiction about women. Women’s lives, choices, thoughts, feelings, relationships, and circumstances. I like stories about women whose strength is demonstrated in a variety of ways — strength, intellect, fighting prowess, empathy, endurance, rage. I like stories about women’s choices — not choices that are somehow especially “female,” whatever that means, but stories about choosing to go on, choosing grad school over a family, choosing a family over a priesthood, choosing to spare the kingdom, choosing to damn the regiment. Whatever. Choices are interesting. I like stories about complicated relationships in which people aren’t entirely certain what’s going on. I like stories in which someone calls the narrator on their bullshit, and is partially right.

I like stories that turn slashy, but don’t require it. I can accept a wide variety of levels of sex and violence as long as the story earns it. I love AUs and crossovers that are richly developed. At the end of the day, I want to know why the people in the story have done whatever it is they did — even if they themselves aren’t entirely sure.

Things I would prefer you avoid: Jealousy. Cheating/adultery. Death of or harm to children or animals. Stories exclusively about women’s relationships to men.

My requests:

Fandom: Pitch Perfect (2012)
Characters: Beca, Chloe, Aubrey
Notes from AO3: Femslash is welcome, but not required. Any of the other characters are welcome, but not required. AUs are welcome, but not required.
Further Notes: I don’t particularly slash any of these women specifically, but I think they have complicated relationships and I’d like more about that. I have a preference for avoiding the more slapstick and gross-out elements of the film, but, as you please.

Fandom: Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries
Characters: Phryne Fisher
Notes from AO3: Any of the other characters are welcome! No AUs, please. Stories set before, during, or after canon are all welcome. Any rating or pairing welcome.
Further Notes: I love this show to PIECES. I also love the books! If you want to use material from the books, that is perfectly fine with me. I’ve read them all. I would simply adore a casefic. Or a crossover with Peter Whimsey, or Poirot, or Downton Abbey, or any other period-appropriate material. I do ask that no canon relationships be invalidated, though additional relationships can certainly be added in, if the character would do those things. Bonus points for descriptions of clothes and food. Bonus points for historical accuracy, but I won’t fact-check you.

Fandom: Life (manga)
Characters: Shiiba Ayumu, Hatori Miki
Notes from AO3: Femslash welcome but not required. Any rating welcome. Stories set during or after canon welcome.
Further Notes: This is my exception to the “no harm to kids” clause above. Since, after all, the characters are teenagers. And the canon is quite violent. I expect that a fic in this canon would be very sexual and quite violent. But you don’t HAVE to do that, if you prefer. What interests me about this series is the way the girls relate to each other, how and why they keep each other’s secrets, and how they defend each other when possible.

Fandom: Warehouse 13
Characters: Claudia Donovan
Notes from AO3: Any other characters from the show, or original characters appropriate to a casefic, are welcome. No AUs, please. Femslash welcome but not required. Time travel or alternate dimensions welcome. I’d like to see Claudia Donovan’s internal and emotional life.
Further Notes: I love Claudia. I love that she bites her nails. I love that she loves Jinx like a brother. I love that she looks up to Myka. I love that she values her family so highly. I love her sense of honor. I love that she is headstrong and has terrible judgment a lot of the time. I love that she will commit acts of violence, and I love that it hurts her to do so. The world needs more Claudia Donovan!

Thanks again, Yule Goat. I appreciate your work and look forward to the results.

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