October 22 2012

1. American Horror Story: Asylum is airing! I loved the first series of AHS, and this second mini-series is off to a great start. So far we have a 1960s-era mental hospital, medical experiments, Catholicism, repressed sexuality, lesbianism, serial killers, alien abduction, and dismemberment. (All of which are in the trailers for the show.) A rollicking good start, as I mentioned!

2. The more I watch of the Twilight movies, the more I think they are pretty terribly written and pretty well-acted. I mean, there’s NOT a lot to work with, here.

3. It’s pheasant hunting season in South Dakota! For those of you new to the blog, the opening days of pheasant season in South Dakota bring an influx of aircraft from all over the country. Plane after plane descend onto these little, tower-less, postage-stamp airports all over the rural west. We, my area and coworkers, get all of these people in and out. It’s a bit of a challenge.

The thing I try very hard to remember, and which I teach to all the new trainees, is that the planes we’re talking to are people on vacation. Each plane is friends and family heading out to South Dakota for a weekend away, for a trip to the cabin or the hotel. They are excited, they are tired, they are full of plans and enthusiasm, their coolers are full of beer and steaks, and the luggage has all the guns. They are not professional pilots. They are ordinary folks.

I have no possible reason to be a dick to them, no matter how inconvenienced I might feel by their actions.