October 25 2012

1. All the cookbooks I am reading presume that I will be starting this cooking venture in a clean kitchen that no-one else is trying to use at the same time.

I don’t know about you, but this never happens. Sure, I can clean it, but I live with four other people. During the course of the cooking people will be in and out of the kitchen, needing food and depositing dirty dishes afterwards. Not to mention needing to use the sink, microwave, and stove at various points. What I’m saying is, where is the part of the recipe that says “and you can pause here to prepare an afternoon snack, make sure your kids take their socks off of the kitchen counter, and let the dog back in”?

2. My finger (the one I put in the blender two weeks ago) is healing nicely. It’s at that stage of healing where the nerves are reconnecting, leading to weird and inexplicable sensations. But I know this will pass, and that it’s ultimately a good thing.

3. I bought an oven thermometer yesterday, and tested our oven. It seems to be cooking 55 degrees colder than it ought to. I’m going to test it again this morning. It’s good to know — that 400 degrees is actually going to be 345. Sheesh!

4. K was moved to another circus class by invitation, and I’m super-proud of her. The first new class is tonight, and I’m really looking forward to it.