October 29 2012

1. I ran two miles on Saturday. On a track, indoors. Took me 36 minutes to do it. I am pretty damn pleased with this. I am even more pleased with the fact that I was not overly sore or aching the next few days. Woot!

Two miles is the longest run I have ever done in my life. At this point, running a 5K in the spring seems like a manageable prospect.

2. There’s a huge storm on the east coast! Here’s hoping that it is grossly exaggerated in the forecasts and amounts to basically nothing. Good luck, y’all.

3. I’m reading Consider the Fork, which is exactly the kind of niche-y pop-history I love. Sort of like The Disappearing Spoon, only about cookware. I honestly had never considered that the passion for paste-like foods (dips and such) in the 1970s was the result of new food processor technology. Nor had I ever considered the original technology of roasting.

4. It’s Halloween soon! At least, for those of us not in a snow-hurricane. My kids have costumes, and plans, and are intending to go you with friends and sans grownups for the first time. It’s a landmark, and I hope it goes well.

5. We have this week off of circus, and have a list of projects we intend to get done in those extra hours. Cleaning the basement playroom, getting the snow tires on the cars, cleaning the gutters … I think we might be a wee bit over-ambitious, but there you have it.