Happy Halloween!

The hurricane dramatically affected air traffic over the last few days. Work was pretty slow. Well, except for the act that we have a number of people out for various medical reasons and we were severely understaffed.

But no-one flew east for two days.

Today is Halloween, and it should be just about perfect. I blogged about this last year, about how Halloween in my neighborhood is picture-book or heartwarming-tv-family-drama perfect. The neighborhood is crawling with children, most people give or leave out candy, and the light from streetlamps and the moon flickers through wind-blown branches. It’s pretty amazing. I feel very fortunate that it’s a thing I can make possible for my kids.

K is going as Captain Jack Sparrow, and M is going as An Evil Henchman.

Happy Halloween, all and sundry. My thoughts are with all of you on the east coast who are bailing out from the storm and the snow. Good luck.