The aftermath

We all had a pretty fantastic day yesterday. MANY were the accomplishments. HIGH was the anticipation. GREAT were the expectations. Right up until the end.

We sent the kids out at 7:00 with a friend, with a specific plan of attack and contingency instructions. And at about 7:50, a contingency arose that we had not covered.

Poor M fell and twisted his ankle four blocks away.

A neighbor saw him and carried him to a house, another neighbor offered to call us. The kids remembered our phone number, and rang us up. We walked (well, trotted — it was kinda dark to actually run) down, where we found all the kids of the group. K and her friend continued on after we checked with them. I gave M a piggyback ride home.

K asked if it would be okay to share her candy with him, since he was going to be short. I was smote with adorableness. My kids, they do bicker and quarrel, but my goodness do they stick together.

We established M in the living room with his bucket of candy and ice packs and continued watching The Avengers. When K got home, not too long after, she immediately walked over and handed candy to her brother.

I was pretty pleased with the kids. They asked for help, they stuck together, they handled an emergency-type situation with as much aplomb as you can ask of a pair of nine-year-olds. Good for them.

And now we enter into the post-Halloween time known, in my house, as, “Eat Candy for Every Meal Until It’s Gone or We Get Tired of It.”

Usually they get tired of it after about three days.


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