November 9 2012

1. The end of the editing road for the forthcoming Queers Dig Time Lords is in sight. The book is coming together, and I think will do a lot for the visibility and representation of queer Doctor Who fandom.

I don’t know how much I can talk about the process. The answer, I suspect, is, “don’t talk about it.”

2. I found the answer to “how many turnips is too many turnips in root vegetable puree” last night. The result is … edible. I won’t be sharing it with the kids, though. Everything else I made this week turned out just fine.

3. For your reading, Apex Magazine Mediates a Conrunning Crisis.

4. My elderly hound is still here, and still snorking and sneezing. But he’s enjoying life. It’s hard to make a call to have him euthanized while he’s still happy.


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