November 15 2012

1. We went to the Minneapolis Institute of Art yesterday to see the special exhibition, China’s Terracotta Warriors. I have all sorts of feelings about this exhibit. There’s all this history, y’all. All this stuff of human hearts and hands and will, lasting evidence of the work and mind of the long-dead. I told my family I was going to sniffle through the whole exhibit, and I did.

The bit that got to me wasn’t the gold buckles, or the jeweled dagger, or the terracotta warriors themselves. No, what got to me was a brass weight. A standardized weight, used throughout Qin to measure things. Standardized weights mean trade. They mean economics. This brass weight was evidence of the long line of trade from the Yellow River to the Rubicon. It took two years for goods to make it that far, sometimes. Ox carts to Tun-Huang, bactrians to Kashgar, donkeys or dromedaries to Samarkand, dromedaries to Palmyra and Tyre, ships to Rome.

Human beings did that. They took the chances, accepted the risks. They did it for money, for power, for glory. They did it for the sight of new things. They did it for freedom and personal autonomy. They did it for all sorts of reasons, for thousands of years. People, walking the leather off their feet as they led their animals thousands of miles.

Team Human, y’all. We’re pretty spectacular, sometimes.

2. Tonight K tries out for the circus summer show. Break a leg, kiddo. I’m wishing you the best.

3. We can keep the front curtains open, now. We couldn’t for years, because Jake would stand on the couch and bark out of it at every passerby. But now there’s no Jake, and we can open the curtains. I miss my hound.

4. My nine-year-old son’s feet are as big as my feet. O_o This bodes … well, it just bodes, let’s leave it at that.

5. All I want to do recently is read fanfic, which I haven’t read in ages. Luckily for me, AO3 just updated with a patch that lets you sort by kudos. So I can look up a fandom or pairing, and then sort so all the best-regarded fic are at the top of the list. Thank goodness.


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