Places I have found hair elastics

I am trying to remember whatever it was that I left everywhere in the house when I was a child. Books, maybe? Pens? I’d ask my mother, but she seems to have come down with an incredibly fortunate case of amnesia regarding the misbehaviors of my childhood ever since I provided her with grandchildren.

Honestly, it’s probably for the best.

Still. I presume I was a normally messy child. I presume that I did not clean my room. What was it, I wonder, that I left strewn throughout the house like confetti in my wake?

I ask because here are all the places I have found hair elastics in the last few days:

Lego storage bins
in between couch cushions
my pillow
wrapped around K’s toothbrush
in the sock drawer
in a bag of apples
in my coat pocket
on the piano
under the piano
under the garbage can
in a potted plant
in a hair brush
in my dresser drawer
on a lamp

Not to mention on and under every single piece of furniture in the living and dining rooms.

My daughter trails hair elastics through life. I’m not at all certain how this happens.

And, while we’re at it, has anyone seen the pencils I bought a few months ago? I bought about forty of them, and they’ve all gone missing.


2 Responses

  1. Your pencils are probably with our scotch tape.

  2. @Skye I confiscated all the tape in the house and put it on a Check-Out system. Tape is doled out on a need-to-use basis.

    … maybe I should do that with the pencils, too ….

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