November 19 2012

1. Circus Juventas offers scholarships to many of its students. Here’s a video of some of the graduates, talking about their circus experience and what it meant to them, and what a difference the financial assistance meant. If you’re interested in learning more about supporting a CJ kid, here’s the link.

2. Archive of Our Own has introduced a feature that lets you sort fic by Kudos. Essentially, you can put in a fandom or pairing or character or keyword, and then sort by which fics people has already liked. It’s not a perfect system, to be sure – one is sorting only by what other people have already liked. And fics that have been widely rec’d are going to have more kudos than anything else, and fics in currently popular fandoms will have more, and crossover fics will have more, etc.

That said, I have already read a good dozen fics I never would have touched, never glanced at, and found them to be absolutely terrific. Reading by kudos has introduced me to some fantastic stories, incredibly written, based on premises that make me make this face:


Yet a good writer makes it all worthwhile.


One Response

  1. I tried that kudos sorting feature a bit, and quickly realized I had to narrow it down by pairing first. Because I look for the most popular stuff in fandoms I like, and it ends up being relationships that horrify me and I have yelling conversations with the computer.

    Issues, I have them.

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