John Scalzi’s Old Man’s War

I’m pretty late to the party on this, I know. But I’ll say it nonetheless. John Scalzi’s novel, Old Man’s War, is a great book.

It’s science fiction — and the science never overwhelms the characters or plot, yet pervades the book throughout. Incredibly deftly done.

The plot is familiar and comfortable — and done in a way that is fresh and exciting.

The settings are wild and varied — and each is viscerally rendered with human-scale details.

The characters are vividly real, each one distinct from the next, each distinctly and fully human.

Old Man’s War. It’s good. It’s downright good. I recommend — no, I urge you — to give this a try. Particularly if science fiction war novels are NOT your usual cup of tea. Don’t get me wrong — this is, very much, a science fiction novel about a solider in a war. But it is so well done, with so much richness and depth, that it’s much more than that.

Old Man’s War. John Scalzi. Give it a look.


2 Responses

  1. One of the things that really impressed me about this book — and it touches on what you say here — is that I really HAVEN’T read a lot of SF war novels yet I really felt like I could understand the conversation Scalzi was having with the genre. It’s a best-of-both-worlds situation where it seems like it would have a lot of resonance for readers who are immersed in the genre, yet it doesn’t require that.

    It’s been 3 or 4 years since I read this series, yet I just had a vigorous argument w/ my brother about the 3rd book in the trilogy. Stories that stick with you that way give extra value for your reading time, IMO.

  2. @Caroline YES. You said it perfectly. This is a, a conversation with a genre (which I have read a lot of, tbh,) that *invites* new readers to participate.

    Now I have to go read the next one.

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