November 29 2012

1. I made the tastiest baked sweet potatoes last night. Recipe here.

2. My son is walking around this morning coughing wetly. DO NOT WANT.

3. K did not make it into the summer circus show. I am telling her, and myself, that it’s because she’s young, still. A part of me wants to ask the folks at circus if there’s something K isn’t doing — is she goofing off in classes when we’re not there? Has she missed too many classes? Does she not work hard enough? — but, I don’t want to be that parent. And, youth is plausible right now. K is in a bunch of classes that are above her age — classes she was put into by circus, classes we didn’t push for. This is, I think, all to the good. But it makes her a year or two or three younger than everyone else, and it makes her six inches shorter than everyone else.

This is, at any rate, what I am telling myself and her. It’s hard for her, though, since all her friends and classmates got in, and are talking about the show. On the other hand, it’s not a bad thing to learn how to audition and not get what you want.

Land of mixed feelings, is what I’m saying, here.

4. We put the tree up yesterday! And got out the Christmas books! And put out the creche! All is lovely and festive.

Which reminds me, I had really better get going on actually WRITING Yuletide instead of just thinking about it.


One Response

  1. I really respect the hard parenting work you’re doing of letting your kid fail/face disappointment and figure out how to pick herself up and try again. So hard, and so important. (But man, so hard. Give her extra hugs for me, please.)

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