New phone!

My household, we think a great deal about the purpose of technology. This comes about in large part due to the differing attitudes the three adults have towards technology and its newness.

N: NEW! It’s NEW it’s NEW it’s NEW! Look at it! It’s NEW!

Me: Huh, I think there are some things I could find to do with that. I bet it would be useful to me.

J: … But my old thing still works.

But this does mean that I, personally, find myself having to explicate my position regarding a new piece of technology. To sum up, I buy new tech when I want to do a thing I have heard of which my current tech does not do for me.

For example, I resisted buying a tablet for forever. Why would I? What would it do for me, that my laptop and smartphone would not do? But, then, the infrastructure and market, the, the ecosystem of ebooks and of digital comics finally developed to the point that both of those things are easier and more comfortable on a tablet than on my phone or computer. So I got a tablet.

Did I need a tablet? Of course not. Do I enjoy having one? Yes, yes I do.

My old phone was an HTC Evo. I had not wanted this phone. I had gone in to Sprint when my Nexus S4 broke, and asked for a replacement. Sprint gave me the Evo. I sulked. I disliked a huge number of things about the Evo. And, for a device that I hold in my hand about once every ninety seconds, I hated the way it felt. This was irritating.

After much consultation with N, we decided to jointly get Verizon plans and share the costs. So I went to Verizon last night intended to get the Samsung Galaxy III. I picked it up. I held it. It was fine. Then I went and picked up the Droid Razr Maxx HD. And this felt fantastic. It fit. The size and shape and feel of the phone was great. And, incidentally, it supposedly has the best battery life of any smartphone available today. So, cool!

Despite the name of the phone, I bought it. (Razr Maxx HD. Seriously. Who thinks that’s a good name for a phone? It’s just flat-out stating, “the person who came up with this name is very concerned about their ability to maintain an erection.” Someone at work has a truck in the parking lot with the name “Dodge Ram Extended Max Explorer” on the side of it. Every time I see it I snicker, because my head reads that as “I cannot pleasure women sexually.”) It’s a great phone. It does the things I want to do, and I enjoy using it.



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