First snowfall of the year

1. It finally snowed! The children are quite pleased with this turn of events. I am less pleased, because I have need to drive in the snow, and all I can think is “reduced coefficient of friction, reduced coefficient of friction,” over and over and over again.

2. We have a backyard trampoline, as I may have mentioned. When one lives in snowy climes, one has two choices vis-a-vis the trampoline. One can take it down and store it during the winter, or one can keep it free of snow. (The weight of the snow, you understand, will stretch the springs, making the trampoline not-bouncy.)

We decided to leave the trampoline up this winter. This means that, each snowfall, someone must go out and clear it of snow. We decided that this is an ideal job for a pair of nine-year-olds.

They seem to love said task. We’ll see if they still love it in March …

3. J got the kids some cheap slides this past week. They are sheets of, I don’t know, vinyl? called “slicks”. One rolls them up, carries them to an appropriate hill, and unrolls them for use as a sled. It is my understanding that the homeschool neighborhood playgroup is meeting for sledding this afternoon. It is my understanding that the slicks are supposed to go quite fast. Good luck to everyone, is what I say.


3 Responses

  1. Boy Detective is completely convinced that it’s going to snow here, because it’s winter. “Well, chickie, that SOMETIMES happens in Austin…”

  2. @Skye Oh, dear. Good luck with that, Boy Detective …

  3. It’s all the damn children’s books, they do not write ANY about children having their winter holidays while wearing shorts.

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