December 11 2012

1. Oh dear sweet crickets, Yuletide is due in nine days. /o\

2. I watched The Dark Knight Rises yesterday. I was strongly reminded of No Man’s Land, the epic Gotham City comic book crossover event of some years back. I own all of the trade collections of that story, as well as the Greg-Rucka-penned novelization. I have very mixed feelings about No Man’s Land, summed up thusly:

I love every part of that story that is about Helena, Babs, Cass, Dick, Renee, Harvey, Ivy, Harley, Joker, Jim, the GCPD, and the citizens of Gotham.

I detest every part of that story that has Batman in it.

In fact, No Man’s Land is one of the cornerstones of my Bruce-Wayne-Batman hatred. Watching TDKR, I enjoyed all the parts with Jim, Selina, the GCPD, and the people of Gotham. I checked Twitter and Tumblr every time Bruce Wayne was on the screen without Selina or Alfred. And, oh, man. Tom Hardy’s voice? That was so far from how I ever imagined Bane to sound, ever, that I giggled every time he talked.

I think it’s safe to say I did not like this movie. But it reminded me that I should go re-read No Man’s Land. Or, at least, all the parts without Batman.

3. Points 2 and 1 are not related. To wit, I am not writing Batman for Yuletide.

4. But I had better go work on writing Yuletide. So enough blogging for now!


3 Responses

  1. If I recall, I think TDKR Bruce is marginally better than NML Bruce, because there’s actually a good reason/circumstances beyond his control for him to be gone from Gotham in the movie, and he keeps wanting to come back. NML Bruce was just faffing around Europe, right?

    But then in the final act of the movie we’re supposed to be rooting for him to get out of Gotham because he DESERVES it or something, which is really just as bed. IDK, I found this movie really frustrating as it seemed to flip everything I liked about not only No Man’s Land but the second movie, like TDK wasn’t about what I thought it was about at all.


  3. @Caroline I don’t know. I mean, in the sense that I SO stopped paying attention when Bruce Wayne was on the screen that I don’t think I can fairly summarize what the film intended to do.

    But, yes, NML Bruce is just … I get all rage-face about it.

    :epic rage face:

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