December 14 2012

1. Tumblr has reminded me how very much I love Bill Sienkiewicz’s art. He was on New Mutants during a … formative period of my comics-reading life. Some part of my head thinks that THIS is what art LOOKS like.

His art made all the stories, even the reasonably light-hearted ones about slumber parties, full of tense foreboding. And when the characters actually died?


2. I made a BEST carrot-cauliflower-cumin soup this week. The very, very best. I can’t really give a recipe, because I looked at the recipe on and I didn’t have some of the things, and I had some other things, and I winged it.

3. I love my phone. The Droid Razr Maxx HD. They are really not kidding about the battery life, dear sweet crickets, no they are not. This battery is freakin’ amazing.


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