December 17 2012

My mind keeps flinching away from the school shooting in Connecticut. And then I return to poke at the news, and I see more images, or someone says something that captures a small portion of the awfulness. And then I tear up for a moment, and sniff, and blink really fast, and then go back to work.

I finished my Yuletide fic.
I’m re-watching some of the Fringe first season.
I’m working out some car-wrangling with J, since her windshield is broken.
I’m adding things to the week’s grocery list.
I’m emailing people about projects and work.
I’m searching the fic tags on AO3 for things I like.
I’m reblogging things on Tumblr.
I’m hugging my kids when I’m home. A lot.

I’m very glad that I always make sure to tell the kids that I love them, whenever I leave the house or they do. Whenever we’re going to be apart.


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