Quick refresher and intro for the new folks

Hello, all —

I’m actually terrible at doing things like figuring out who is reading my blog, or how, or what people use to get to it. I’m not sure what the audience is. But here is a quick review of relevant information for any confused new folks.

Welcome, new folks!

I’m Sigrid Ellis.


I’m an air traffic controller. There’s a FAQ page here about that. I tend to not talk about that job much because I have sworn an oath to uphold the confidence of the flying public in its government. And ymmv on what counts as a “funny” story.

I’m a freelance editor of books and comic books. I tend to push those things when they come out, but remain largely silent while they are in progress. A project’s not done until it’s in your hot little hands, Dear Reader.

I’m poly. My partner, J, and I have two kids, M and K. J’s other partner, N, also lives with us. Three adults, two kids, various pets. There’s a FAQ somewhere here about that, too. I do talk about my family, somewhat. It’s tricky — I always want to talk about my life and my experiences, but I feel a need to tread carefully regarding the privacy of the people I live with. You will hear MUCH more good news in this blog than you will bad. Joy and humor are to be shared, anger and anxiety to be sucked up like a damn adult.

We homeschool the kids. In addition, K goes to performing youth circus arts school. So when I say she does contortion, or the trapeze costume is a bit flashy, I really do mean contortion and trapeze.

We’re all geeks! I will talk a great deal here about movies, books, tv shows, music, and geek conventions. My family is also heavily into LEGO, so there’s some of that, too.

I cook and work out, but I am a HAES sort of person. No one is trying to lose weight, or be skinny, skinny is not the same as healthy, and comments along those lines are not welcome.

I am a feminst, a humanist, a rationalist, and a reasonably atheist agnostic. Go away if that bothers you.


Thus ends the intro!

I’m currently working on my Year in Review posts. Right after I find my brains, which I think I left back in bed. Unless they are at the bottom of this cup of tea.

I should check.


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