Yuletide Recs!

This is an incomplete and wildly eclectic mix of Yuletide recs, based on what my magpie gaze has lit on so far.

Usual caveat — Yuletide is fanfiction. The pseudonymous writers are writing stories using characters and settings to which they do not own the rights. These are works of love and passion, gifts made for strangers across the world.

If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.


Monsters, Inc.

This is Cabin in the Woods fic. Please, I beg of you, only read this if you’ve already seen the film. But if you have seen the film? Please read this fic! It’s touching and hilarious and horrifying.

To Boldly Go

Mad Men fic featuring Sally Draper as she discovers Star Trek and invents Mary Sue and slashfic for herself. It’s fantastic and sweet and edged.

The Sticking Place

15th Century RPF crossed with The Hunger Games. I know, that sounds crazy. But the author has cleverly recreated a history of a lost 5th Annual Hunger Games, featuring teenagers from all the Districts as if they were the major political figures of the fifteen century. I mean, who do you think would win the Games? Margaret of Anjou? Henry? Richard of York? Lucretia Borgia?

To End All Wars

A sad, bittersweet Warehouse 13 fic in which H.G. is in Paris in the 1920s, after The Great War, looking for the missing Regent — Irene Frederic. The author has done a nice job describing post-war Paris through the eyes of an emotionally wounded and angry H.G. Worth the time if you like these characters.

Pray Your Gods

If you know what “A Study in Emerald” is, then all I need say is that this is another case in that world. If you don’t know, then let me say that Neil Gaiman wrote Sherlock Holmes – Cthulhu crossover fic, called “A Study in Emerald,” and you should READ THAT. And after you read that, read this fic.


This is an ominous prequel fic for the manga series Life, and was my Yuletide gift! This is exciting, because no-one ever seems to have read this series, and I was quite pleased to be given a fic for it!


This is entirely canonical up-to-nearly-current fic for the X-Factor comic by Peter David. Except, of course, for the non-canonical relationship between Monet and Theresa. If you life what that comic is doing these days, I recommend this story. It reads like the next storyline that never was, and the writer clearly has a fondness for these goofy semi-heroes.

Dice for Decimals

Oh, this is wonderful The Wire AU, but only somewhat AU. Stringer Bell is an economics professor at a community college, and For Reason of The Plot, Jimmy McNulty has to take his Intro to Econ class. Spot-on voices, excellent re-imagining of the world. Takes place during season two of The Wire, spoilers apply.

3 Responses

  1. Oooh, lots of appealing stuff on that list, thanks!

  2. @Caroline And even this morning I found more things that didn’t make it into this post! /o\

  3. Yes, the archive is immense. And I have to keep reminding myself I can’t spend my whole vacation with it!

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