The Year in Music 2012

This past year was very pop-music heavy for me. I don’t have much of a theme, beyond that. I picked up a lot of songs from playlists I found on the internet, or music my friends shared with me, or, honestly, from what was being played on Glee.

That said, the first song of 2012 that I listened to on endless repeat with “Marstorm,” by Uh Huh Her.

That’s them performing for Jimmy Kimmel Live.

I don’t have a huge amount to say about this. The lyrics are hard for me to understand. I looked them up — it’s a, a relationship song? Okay, sure, that’s fine. But there’s an interplay between the inflection of the singer’s voice and the instrumental parts that … soars. This is a song I end up dancing along to in my chair.

Florence and the Machine, “Seven Devils”.

This song is the perfect soundtrack to any story about a young woman in danger from the people she thinks will protect her. It’s a song about being surrounded, about being lie to and deceived, about being in peril. I love it. It’s ZOMG DRAMATIC, sure. But sometimes that is just the thing that’s called for, all thundering drums and falling melody and ominous repetition.

Rihanna, “We Found Love”.

It’s the video that made me like this song. There’s a recklessness in the narrative that feels real. It feels, in conjunction with the climbing synth-and-bass breaks, like those moments when you know perfectly well that this is a terrible idea. Yet you also know with equal certainty that this is right and good and that nothing bad will happen to you.

You’re wrong, of course, about that second thing. maybe you get away with it this time, maybe the next. But not forever.

M.I.A., “Bad Girls”.

I wrote about this a great deal, here.

The only thing I have to add it that, months later, my daughter still asks to listen to this song in the car.


Carly Rae Jepsen, “Call Me Maybe”.

There is a moment, near the end of the song, when you can hear with perfect clarity that Ms. Jepsen is smiling, nearly laughing, as she sings the lyric. I love that moment. It’s a moment of joy in a song of delight and strength and hope.

Gotye, “Somebody That I Used to Know”.

I didn’t care for this song much, but it grew on me. And then I realized that I didn’t care for it much because the emotional message of the song isn’t a horribly dramatic one for me. It’s just business as usual. I mean, my ability to completely forget why I wanted to date someone two weeks after I break up with them is … appalling. And hurtful. And I should really listen to this song a bit more and try to understand it better.

Skrillex, “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites”.

Oh dear sweet crickets. I love the bass drop in this song. Love it. To pieces. Love.

What this sounds like to me is the soundtrack for the non-existent live-action mini-series remake of Macross, as done for Showtime or HBO by David Milch, with SFX by WETA Workshop, starring Columbus Short as Roy, Georgina Haig as Minmay, and Daniel Craig as Bruno Global.

Somebody get on that, hmm?

Fun, “We Are Young”.

I was watchign clips from some awards show this summer, and this song was being performed live when the camera cut to Emma Watson, Kristen Stewart, and Scout Taylor-Compton in the audience. They were singing along. And I thought, oh dear heavens. Yeah, you guys are so young.

Natalia Kills, “Wonderland”.

I like songs about fairytales. And Wonderland.

The Wanted, “Glad You Came,” Avengers fanvid.

I first encountered this song, that I noticed, in this fanvid. The image quality is poor, probably because the source of the footage was not legal. But the gist of the narrative is clear. The world needs heroes, however we find them. I loved the Avengers movie. This vid is a very well-edited depiction of what there is to love.

David Guetta ft. Sia, “Titanium,” Game of Thrones Daenerys and Arya fanvid.

I first encountered this song in a fanvid as well! “Titanium” is a great score for the narrative arcs of both Arya and Dany in the Game of Thrones tv series. I developed an attachment to the song, which only grew when it was used in the shower scene in Pitch Perfect.

The Corin Tucker Band, “Neskowin”.


“Darling I know I don’t go like the other girls
It’s just I enjoy other toys other faculties”


Nicki Minaj, “Starships”.

This is the catchiest, hookiest song ever. And my kids both adore it.


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