Tumblr policy revision

It was brought to my attention, after yesterday’s blog post, that for those people who follow my Twitter yet are NOT fans of at least some of the media properties I enjoy, the Tumblr tweets are spam.

Well, I do try to accommodate reasonable requests.

I’ve created a new Twitter account, SigridsTumblr. If you want the media content — the gifs, the vids, the images of comic book characters and actresses — follow that Twitter account. My Tumblr will auto-tweet there.

If you are already ON Tumblr a lot, the Twitter account will be redundant. If you are on Tumblr and you follow so many people that things get lost, you may want to follow @SigridsTumblr to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Ymmv. People use tech in different ways. I love Tumblr for the ease with which I can find and post visual content. But not everyone wants the visual content. Or those who might want the media images might be Tumblr-averse.

So, this is an experiment!



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  2. @Caroline You goof. 😛

  3. Well, sometimes goofing = “saying true things in a ridiculous way” 😉

  4. I’m pretty sure you can RSS most tumblrs. As another option.

    I …I love to compartmentalize, but I love it so much I tend to over-do it and then no one is following anything because there are too many things to follow…and also I start to get really over-specific about and over-invested in where I am going to post what and it becomes a jumble and everything that was great about whatever it is I am trying to do is gone and I have to start all over.

    Idk. I’m still thinking all this thru.

  5. I have never been able to use RSS properly either. Stuff just accumulates and I never read it. :-/. though I guess I could RSS them on a journal site that I check regularly?

  6. Okay so I just tumbled this and I tweeted this…. and I don’t exactly consider it “media sharing” so much as “starting a conversation about media”? But now I’m all worried both that people think I tweet my tumblr too much and that people skip over my tumblr tweets which is almost the direct opposite of what I actually wanted to happen…….

  7. @Anika See, I *like* how you handle your social media. I couldn’t say one way or another whether that’s because we share a lot of interests, though.

  8. @Anika — I think it’s always a tradeoff, because on one hand if you separate different platforms, that makes it easier for the people who want to choose which parts to follow, or for people who are following both. But the flip side is that you have people like me who are pretty much only going to use Twitter & if the content is elsewhere, we won’t see it. The separate tweet for tumblr posts works well in Sigrid’s context but it wouldn’t be an ideal solution if you WANT the people reading your tweets to be aware of the tumblr content. (And some people will NEVER click on tumblr posts — but it’s twitter, it’s easy to scroll.)

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