My own sort of chai

So, it’s winter. And in winter I want to eat ALL THE SPICY FOOD. And drink ALL THE SPICY DRINKS. This means I love chai.

The problem is, I live in Minnesota. And the chai that is easily available to me is either in tea bags or is the chai-latte-sugarbomb from a coffeeshop. I don’t want the sugarbomb, most of the time. And the tea bags taste like … not very much.

I looked up what goes into chai, and started making my own.

A teaspoon of loose-leaf black tea. (I skip this in the evenings.) (I use Welsh Breakfast, from The Tea Source. They ship anywhere.)
A cinnamon stick, crumbled
4-6 pieces of clove
4-6 black peppercorns
6-8 cumin seeds
a pinch of ground dried lemon peel
(I shop at Target, and ALL of those above things are available in Target’s Archer Farms spice brand.)
a chunk of fresh ginger, peeled and chopped, about the size of my thumb joint. I have small hands. (I do go through a LOT of ginger this way.)

I have a tea strainer that looks like this that fits in my Tweet of Twithulhu mug. I put the above-listed stuff in the strainer and pour almost-boiling water over it. If I intend to add milk, I make it half full. Then I add milk (I’m on an almond milk kick these days, and that works just fine.) I might add sugar, but mostly I don’t.

Hot, spicy beverage, any time I want it. Yum.


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  1. I should have given you the pumpkin spice chai I got from Republic of Tea. I found it ridiculously over-spiced.

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