January 15 2013

1. Because I attended Worldcon last year, I can nominate things for the Hugo Awards this year. I perused my blog and Goodreads and Kindle purchases, and concluded that I read:

* Cookbooks
* fitness books
* mysteries and crime novels
* historical novels
* history books

I also read some books and short stories by People I’ve Met Whose Work I Like. This is fine, and I enjoyed the reading I did, but now I feel UNPREPARED for the responsibility of Hugo Nominations.


2. I finally got around to listening to the BBC’s Sound of 2013, an annual music post looking ahead at up-and-coming artists. My conclusion is, I really want CHVRCHES to come out with an album that I can buy. Legally. Pay them.

3. In related news, the way international media rights are parceled out is terribly inconvenient for me. When I try three different ways to pay an artist for their work, and am prevented from doing so … I find this frustrating. It sometimes leads to poor behavior.

This is, however, why I am a member of Twin Cities Public Television AND I own all of Downton Abbey and Sherlock on dvd. Because when, at last, I am allowed to pay for work I love, I do so.

4. My kids are at the stage of illness in which they are actually getting better, but they have wracking coughs that sound consumptive. This alarms other people, let me tell you.


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