Festivids 2012

Festivids is a fanvid gift exchange. Now, I do not know how to vid. I am unwilling to invest the time and effort it would take to learn how to vid. But I love vids. I love transformative culture, remix culture. I love how vids can summarize a canon, or highlight a character, or focus attention on marginal aspects of a show, or draw attention to something highly problematic. I love vids.

This year’s Festivids has a few selections that make me really happy.


Stayin’ Low, the Alien Franchise

Okay. A few things here. I’ve talked before about how I love the Resident Evil vid to “Get Low,” about how that vid takes a fairly misogynist song and makes it about the reclamation of a woman’s power. This vid uses a mashup of that: “Stayin’ Low! (Bee Gees vs. Lil Jon vs. De La Soul)” by Daily Daze.

The editing of the images to the music emphasizes both the objectification of women in the Alien franchise as well as the empowerment of women. Women are objects, but they also act. The editing also emphasizes the objectification of guns in the films. And the way human bodies are treated as objects. It’s fascinating.

(Warnings for violence, blood, gore, exploding heads, etc. It is the Alien franchise, after all.)


Ingenue, Cat People and Curse of the Cat People

I’m just tickled that someone did a fanvid for Cat People. That said, this does a really nice job of capturing the weird, floating sense of DOOM that these movies have.


Lady Marmalade, Cleopatra 2525

Okay, this is mad genius, putting this song with this show. Fun, fast-paced vid that highlights the crazy camp energy of the show.


Just a Red Herring, Clue

Spoilers to the end of the movie Clue!

This is a vid that just captures the speed and madcap plot of Clue, a movie I love.


There’s more. SO much more. Mirrormask. Legally Blonde. Birds of Prey. Homeland. SO MANY awesome vids. If you are a vidding fan, I strongly urge you go check it out.


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