A thing SF Squeecast casually did

The most recent episode of SF Squeecast did something interesting. During the Invisible Cup of Tea segment at the end, various of the authors involved discussed what poverty tastes like.

Seanan mentioned that poverty tastes like butter. That, in the agricultural zones in which she was raised, the government food handouts contained a great deal of butter. That when she had a paycheck, she started hording margarine. Cat explained that poverty tasted like reconstituted potatoes made with powdered milk. Seanan pointed out that her girlfriend had been poor in Ohio, where margarine was the governmental subsidy and butter was for rich folks. Someone else, I can’t recall who, said something about canned vegetables and cream of mushroom soup.

Poverty tastes different. But the point of this podcast that I found to be so interesting was that the discussion took place at all. Without much audible shame, or defensiveness, and without the aggressive-pride that comes from recovering shame. Just a bunch of authors who are friends talking about food and writing, and about how you can use food to reveal things about characters you write. Like the taste of poverty in the world you are creating.

Write what you know, indeed.


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