February 6 2013

1. Yesterday did not go as smoothly as I’d hoped.


2. My family is eating about three bunches of kale per week. Also, I am sick of apples.

3. Sarah Monette has an excellent essay in this month’s Apex Magazine. Welcome to the Reformation, Bitches.

4. The plan for later today involves turning in passport applications for me, J, and the kids.

5. It also involves the beginning of Spanish lessons for the adults in the family, in addition to the children.

6. Which reminds me that, at one point in my life, I owned a copy of Isabel Allende’s The House of Spirits in Spanish, the which I could just barely read with a dictionary and a full working knowledge of the English translation. Pretty sure I donated it to the Goodwill at some point.

7. Today is New Comics Day, and I am excited for new comics. I am pretty much excited for new comics every week, because every week holds some title or another that makes me really happy.


One Response

  1. If it helps, I was surprised to find that apples cut up small in plain yogurt is quite good. Because yes, at some point apples get really, really dull.

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