Actual conversations in my house


J: I can’t log in to the Zombies, Run! site. There’s no login button.

Me: Are you sure? It was there when I looked … ?

J: I’m sure. Here, look:

[We both look at her screen.]

Me: Here, this button that says “login.”

J: I never would have clicked on that.


K: I finished my chores!

Me: If I get up and go look at your chores, how much trouble will you be in?

K: … Um. Just a sec. Stay there. Don’t move.


M: There’s [indistinct mumbling] fire in the kitchen.

Me: …

Me: M, I need clarification: Is there, or is there NOT, fire in the kitchen?

M: There is NOT fire in the kitchen.

Me: Good!

Me: … Sweetie, why would there have been fire in the kitchen?


2 Responses

  1. I suppose I’m just digging myself in deeper if I say I thought that was for a DIFFERENT login?

  2. @Tern In fairness, I tried to come up with an equally-incriminating conversation for me, but none sprang to mind. 😛

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