Marvel’s Legendary

So, there’s a new deck-building game that N got.

For those not in the know, a “deck-building” game is a game — like Dominion, if you know that? — in which you try to accumulate cards that will give you victory points, by dint of accumulating cards that either let you accomplish goals or get more cards. So, actions or money, essentially. The spin or appeal of Legendary is that this is a Marvel Comics game.

It’s cooperative — in that you and the other players are trying to defeat the Mastermind and his Scheme. So, you’re going up against Magneto, or Doctor Doom, etc. You start as S.H.I.E.L.D., and each of you accumulates a team of heroes with various powers and abilities. As you are on the trail of the Mastermind, other villains litter the scene, each needing to be defeated by you and your team.

I’ve played this twice now, and I REALLY LIKE IT. I like deck-building games. I like cooperative games. I like Marvel Comics. This is right up my alley.

However. I need to mention that the card design is really sub-optimal. The art is pretty, pretty, pretty. At the expense if the text, the icons, and a general ability to comprehend what the cards do and whether they are different from each other.

In addition there is some complex dual-system of card affiliations, triggering card special abilities. Which would be FINE if you could read the affiliations on the cards without a magnifying glass.

I do recommend the game if you like deck-building games and have good eyesight. But I also wish the Marvel had given a bit more thought to the playability of the cards vis-a-vis the cool art.

Note on the Isms:

The game skews heavily towards the characters that have been popular in movie franchises. So we have the African-American Nick Fury, we have Storm, we have Rogue, we have The Black Widow, we have Emma Frost. Thor, Spider-Man, Wolverine, etc. So tokenism abounds. But at least it’s there?

Re-reading this, it sounds like I don’t like Legendary. WHICH IS TOTALLY FALSE. I LOVE IT. But I want to make sure that people who are not ginormous Marvel Comics fans get a fair recommendation.


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