February 14 2013

1. The circus costume board for the Spring Celebration is up for perusal. I did not see anything this year that I found to be appalling. Nor did I see anything that struck me as fantastic or delightful or perfect. Ah well. I did have one Huzzawuh? moment, though — one of the costumes is labeled “Victoriandustrial.” …. Did they think “Steampunk” was trademarked? Is it? It’s not under copyright somewhere, I don’t think?

2. Payless Shoes has — at least in my neck of the world — Agent P shoes from Phineas and Ferb. Now you know.

3. I finished an expose book about Scientology yesterday. It was not complimentary towards that organization. While ranting about it, it was pointed out to me that the alleged abuses of Scientology are … exactly what half of every other organized religion has been accused of or done in their histories.

I honestly can’t tell if I think this makes things better or worse.


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