February 19 2013

1. My daughter had two friends over for a sleepover Sunday night. I had Monday off of work, for the federal holiday, and got to listen to their conversation over breakfast.

This is a window of age which I really, really like.

2. I am feeling a need for campaigns of self-improvement. And ex of mine used to call these the Virtue and Brown Rice Days. I know that this approach — of attempting NOTHING BUT VIRTUE AND DENIAL — doesn’t work. But I am feeling a need for something. Yesterday I cleaned my bookshelves.

Here are some options:

– clean my closet, getting rid of clothes that do not fit or are stained or I simply will NEVER wear
– clean the basement storage area
– clean and scrub the kitchen cupboards
– clean the hall closet

… I’m sure there are other things. But it’s February, and I’m antsy and want the damn sun to return.


2 Responses

  1. I downloaded th Duolingo app for my iPad and I have been brushing up on my German. I also compiled a list of German foreign films I plan to watch as well.

  2. @Mark It’s certainly February.

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