February 25 2013

1. My internet access at work was compromised this weekend. (It’s fixed.) Now, some might view this as a welcome enforced break from the hurry-scurry of the internet, as time away from the informational firehose of distraction. I … I want more control over when I am going to be cut off from my family and friends.

It’s completely true that I used to go hours, DAYS at a time without knowing what people were doing or how their days were. But that hasn’t been true for me in probably ten years. I am accustomed to knowing, and not-knowing does not make me feel tranquilly zen. It gives me a profound sense of anxiety.

Yay internet.

2. Not to mention there are THINGS I need to do on the internet, dammit.

3. I think …

I think I’m going to try to read the books I have before I buy any more.

This means either read them, or start them in order to determine that I am never going to read them, and give them away.

Yes, I am applying this to ebooks as well.

I have approximately 40-80 unread books waiting to be read. I can’t be more specific than that because I avoid keeping track like a great avoiding thing. So. Yeah. Time to read the extant books.


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