Fandom of Thrones

I rewatched Game of Thrones season 2 this past week in anticipation of season 3. One of the things that struck me, again, is how personal everything in the show is. These people remember and resent things that happened over twenty years ago. When I was younger I used to think these sorts of things were silly. That they were exceptions. That actual adults did not behave this way.

Then I think about my experiences in fandom.

In the fannish communities in which I have lived and participated, it’s not that people go out of the way to hold grudges. It’s merely that we all remember things. In a normal sort of way. I remember which panelists made me furious ten years ago with their wrong-headed views. And I remember it when they are making jokes at a room party now. I remember who it was that did me a solid favor in Parties fifteen years ago, and I think well of them for it still.

I know I’m not the only person who does this. I know it because there’s nothing special about me. I’m an average, run-of-the-mill human. And if I remember that you were a power-mad jackass when we were both twenty, I’m not likely to vote for you now.

A while back, local fandom had a pretty substantive schism. I was watching Theon Greyjoy talking to Bran Stark and found myself pondering how some people seem to cling to their slights and others let them go. But regardless, we all tend to remember. I am pleased that fannish arguments tend to not end in beheadings, of course. But the principles seem to be similar.


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  1. This is awesome.

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