March 4 2013

1. On this past Saturday J and N displayed their portions of LEGO Micropolis at our local library. The event was a success, with a constant stream of visitors, lots of kids playing with the LEGO bins, and many photos apparently taken. Here’s the set N took.



2. We’re still not precisely sure how the federal sequestration will affect air traffic control. I expect it will be difficult for everyone.

3. My knee is doing MUCH better. Rest and light exercise seem to be solving things. I am not so foolish as to immediately resume running, however. I understand that things are not healed the instant they feel better.

4. I apparently have the concentration and focus of a napping cat. Ooh, that’s interesting. Oh, maybe I’ll sleep. What was that noise? Time to roll over and snooze. Oh, look, a laser pointer. Was that kibble? I’ll just rest my eyes.

This is not conducive to getting anything done.

5. I finished the Month of Letters challenge. I mailed something every day of postal service. I think I forgot to log such on the website, but there you have it.

6. It’s snowing.


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