Channeling Anna

J and I have a consensus, when we watch Downton Abbey. Namely, that Anna is the most socially adept, most emotionally aware, most etiquette-aware person on the show. Anna is fantastic. I wish I had Anna’s social skills. But I don’t.

Yet, sometimes, I can channel a wisp of Anna.

Yesterday I went to my daughter’s band recital. It was a “Band Room Concert,” a sort of mini-show the band does in March to get the kids used to the ritual of performing before their concert in May. I never get to make the May show, so I try to go to this one.

K’s band is a band for homeschool kids. The kids range in age from about ten to about fourteen, is my guess. And there is a vast variety of skill. The band performed four songs, three of which … lost their way, briefly, in the middles.

I had a moment of grace. I smiled fondly at this group of earnest, dedicated kids. These kids surrounded by their peers and friends and with their families watching (and recording). I felt certain I knew what Anna Bates would do.

It was a really fun concert. I admire those kids for all their work and commitment. When it was over I gave K a big hug and told her how very glad I was to have come to her concert.

Channeling Anna Bates. Everything I said was true.


3 Responses

  1. I figure those band concerts fit in with the Miss Manners rule that all brides and babies are BY DEFINITION beautiful. 🙂

  2. @Spuffy YES. Exactly.

  3. I loved the Yarn Harlot’s commentary on her winter concert(s) so much I bookmarked it, and go back to reread it every once in a while.

    You and Anna and Spuffy and Miss Manners are completely correct that the concerts are, by definition, fabulous. But they are also a treasure trove of memories and touchstone for future performances. Al and I still turn to each other after each concert and admire how far the bands have come since the uniquely spectacular rendition of Shenandoah in the fourth grade. We were at the University Concert Band performance earlier this week. The bands change, the child remains; my pleasure, my pride, her own self.

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