March 18 2013

My family was out of town this past weekend. Off to a LEGO convention in Iowa. My plan was to stay home and work.

So much for that plan.

Instead, I was sick all weekend. Sigh. I watched a lot of tv and movies, though.

Wreck It Ralph
Doctor Who, Ghost Light
How Beer Saved the World
Alias (a few episodes)
episode 4 of Cult
Gravity Falls

It was the sort of weekend that made me wish I played video games. Sadly, video games make me motion-sick.

It was very, very odd, being at home by myself. “This,” I thought, “is what living alone would be like. Weird.” I can see it has some advantages. But on the whole I think I prefer my family being here, with all their noise and motion and being in my space and wanting things from me and talking and having preferences of their own and making messes I have to clean up.

Yeah. All of that. I miss them.

Today I’m back at work, though, illness or not. I don’t have enough sick leave to be out another day.


3 Responses

  1. What did you think of Wreck-it-Ralph as far as appropriate age groups?

  2. @Skye Hmm, I thought six to adult, with specific emotionally precocious five and four year olds. I think you have to care about, and be moved by, stories about people being misjudged and mislabeled. And you have to have the attention span to listen to the exposition.

  3. Oh thanks! We’ll leave it until later. Kiddo is 5.5 but not super emotionally insightful

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