Insomnia thoughts

Is the kids’ handwriting going to be good enough for their needs in the future? I mean, I know it’s kind of terrible, but how much do people really hand-write things these days?

I have to do my taxes. I have to at least LOOK at doing my taxes. Come on, Sigrid, do your taxes.

Remember to put asparagus on the grocery list for next week.

It would be really nice if Chicks Dig Comics got nominated for something cool this year.

[Person] didn’t respond to the email I sent. I wonder what wrong thing I said?

Put asparagus on the grocery list.

[Person] added me on Facebook. My Facebook profile CLEARLY STATES to NOT CONTACT ME ON FACEBOOK, and gives my email and blog and Twitter. What are they trying to say? Is this some passive-aggressive thing? Considering that it’s [Person], yes, it’s passive aggressive bullshit. I should just keep ignoring it. Yes. Just keeeeeeeeep on ignoring it.

It would be really nice if that story was accepted by [place I just submitted it].


Did I proof the story enough before I turned it in? I mean, I know I proofed it AGAIN, but was that enough? Maybe I should have sent it to [treasured beta reader] one more time. Except I think she’s gonna kill me if I make her read it again.

I hope [child] changes [behavior redacted to protect said child].

Asparagus and tomatoes. Did I get bay leaves last time? I did. What was it that M said we needed to put on the grocery list? Dammit.

I need to get rid of my comic collection. Or, most of it. I should figure out where to send it. Oh, right, NIU will take it. So I just have to sort out what I want to get rid of. And then figure out how I am going to get the damn mess to Illinois. I wonder how much shipping would be on twenty longboxes of comics?

I wonder if the furlough days are going to interfere with Wiscon. God, I hope not. I really, really hope not.

Did I do my Spanish homework yesterday? I did. Phew.

Tomatoes and an avocado. Aguacate y tomates! El aguacate y los tomates! I remembered some Spanish! … Dammit, what was it I was going to put on the list? It wasn’t aguacado. I mean avocado.

Dammit dammit dammit.


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