March 28 2013

1. My son looks ADORABLE in his bug mask. This fits in well with his current goal of being an independent scientist working towards unconventional goals.

In a lair.

With minions.

And death rays.

2. The curtains are still up and work just fine.

3. I found myself at the Y yesterday morning, mentally competing with another woman lifting weights. This is silly for a whole HOST of reasons, the most important of which is that we are not competing. But I lifted somewhat heavier things somewhat longer and with more vigor than I perhaps otherwise might, and this morning I have ow.

4. I am really excited about the forthcoming Game of Thrones season. Moreso than I am Doctor Who, to be honest. Though I will enjoy both.

5. I’m watching the tv series Bomb Girls on NetFlix. It’s about a WWII Canadian munitions factory and the women who work there. The character of Betty McRae is my main interest in the show. Betty describes herself as not right, not a role model, not fitting in. She is personable, and a great worker, and attractive, and an excellent teacher for new employees. She is liked by everyone. Yet she insists that she isn’t a good model, that people should not want to be like her.

Betty is played by Ali Liebert. Ms. Liebert does a fantastic job with the character, and it’s all in body language and stance and a slouchy sort of leaning against doorframes. Good work, Ms. Liebert. Well done.

6. It was brought to my attention yesterday that the forthcoming Ant-Man movie will, obviously, be about Hank Pym, not Scott Lang and his daughter Cassie. This hadn’t really occurred to me, and I am somewhat sad. I had presumed it was going to be Scott Lang.

2 Responses

  1. What is his hypothesis? Will he be a mad scientist or a mad engineer?


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