How do I cast a Hugo Award vote?

So, the Hugo Award nominations have been announced! Fantastic! Look at all those great nominees! I like some of those works, and I know you do, too — so, who votes for them? How? How are the Hugo winners picked?

Hugo Awards are voted on by members of the current year’s Worldcon. This year, Worldcon is LoneStarCon 3.

Attending and supporting members of LoneStarCon 3 can vote for the Hugos.

You do not have to ATTEND Worldcon to vote. You merely have to buy a membership.

Attending membership is $200.00 Supporting membership — which gives you Hugo voting rights — is $60.00

If you buy a membership, you receive the Hugo Voter Packet. The voter packet contains digital copies of the written works nominated. Thus you may read the nominations and cast informed votes.

For your $60.00 supporting membership, then, you get five novels, a bunch of shorter works, the related works, voting rights for this year and nominating rights for next year. It’s not a terrible arrangement.

If you can buy a supporting membership, I urge you to do so. The present we create today becomes history, it becomes precedent for tomorrow’s futures. The votes you cast this year and the works you nominate for 2014 make the world just a little bit bigger, the door a little bit wider, for everyone who comes after you.

Buy a supporting membership. Vote for the works you believe to be genuinely the best in their category. Speak, let your voice be heard. Tell the future what it is that we as fans love. Tell the future that you can see it coming, and are glad.


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