Emergency room personnel are some of my favorite people

For reasons which are not mine, and which are all fine at this juncture and not worth going into, I spent some time at the local emergency room last night.

I find emergency room people so delightfully unflappable.

I mean, it’s easy to see how a person could get the mistaken impression that they are uncaring. And perhaps some of them are. But that’s not how it reads to me. It reads to me more that, well, they’ve seen everything. That they’ve seen the worst before and they will see it again tomorrow night. And what you have, with your screaming or bleeding or vomiting or whatever it is you have? This is nothing. This will all be just fine.

It’s a studied chipper nonchalance that I deeply admire and strive to emulate. As I frequently say to people, if it’s not bleeding, on fire, or falling out of the sky, it’s not a crisis it is merely a problem to be solved.


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