Recent media consumption

1. Doctor Who has resumed. I am enjoying the episodes so far, though I am not enormously invested in them. I don’t care much what The Great Mystery of Clara Oswin Oswald is one way or the other, I’m merely looking forward to finding out. And the actress is very good.

2. Game of Thrones is back! As far as I am concerned, this show is actually titled The Women of Game of Thrones, Plus Some of the Dudes Who Help Them. So I am very happy with the episodes so far.

3. Bomb Girls season two is quite fun. I am given to understand that the show was not renewed, so I hope they wrap it up gracefully.

4. Once Upon a Time is on hiatus for another week. I was explaining to some people this weekend that OUaT is really 30% of a good show, 40% of a perfectly acceptable show, and 30% What the HELL Were You Thinking. Moreover, the show either does not keep a comprehensive bible, or they don’t consult it often enough. But I am looking forward to new episodes anyway.

5. I tried watching more of Heroes this weekend. When the show aired I stuck out the first two seasons, despite a vast, simmering indifference towards over half the plots and characters. But this was SUPERHEROES on TELEVISION, and I am a person who not only watched every episode of Misfits of Science, I own bootleg dvds of same. So, you understand, it takes a LOT to make me stop watching a super-powers television show.

I watched Great American Hero, for pity’s sake.

I have watched Manimal.

Heroes is on NetFlix, so I am giving season three another try. I swear, though, Suresh and the Petrelli boys put me right to sleep. They may be even more tediously uninteresting that Fitz on Scandal. (Whose scenes with Olivia I now fast-forward through.)


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