Lurkers at Sunlight’s Edge

Lurkers at Sunlight’s Edge is one of Big Finish’s Doctor Who audioplays. It’s Seventh Doctor, Ace, and Hex, and it is a very good story.

The Big Finish audioplays are, in general, an excellent investment of time and money if one is in need of a Classic Doctor Who story. (I have listened to almost all of the Seventh Doctor’s plays.) This one is particularly good. The plot is tight — it’s complicated, with the two intertwining threads of any good Doctor Who story — and it is largely character-based. There’s not a lot of weird forces swooping in at the last minute to reveal something that would have made a difference all along. The production is quite good — all strange voice effects are used in moderation. Moreover, I could tell all the minor characters apparent without any difficultly.

The acting, though — that is very, very good in this story. I mean, Aldred and McCoy and Olivier are always good. But not only are they on fire in this story, the supporting cast is excellent.

If you want to try out a Big Finish Seventh Doctor story, Lurkers at Sunlight’s Edge has joined the ranks of those I recommend.


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