Things of mine on the internet

Two things of note recently:

1. Finn Clark reviewed Queers Dig Time Lords. Now, this is from a review copy — Queers Dig Time Lords will be available for sale on June 4th. Clark says,

“I’m reminded of Howard Hawks’s definition of a good movie: “Three great scenes, no bad ones.” This book has no bad articles [ … ] and several outstanding ones.”

That’s a lovely review, thank you.

2. Apex Magazine published an essay of mine, Kicking Ass, Taking Names, Bubblegum Optional. It explains my love of the Tough Female Hero, regardless of how terrible, complicated, or problematic the film she is in may be.

“So, back to Alice and her halter top and nudity. Could I wish that not every female action hero be scantily clad? I could. I do. But I refuse to agree that the clothes a woman wears — even a character in a film, dressed by corporate filmmakers — somehow makes her less of a fucking badass.

Go on. Try telling Alice that you are judging her based on her clothes. Let me get some popcorn first.”


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