I have no sense of proportion

I can’t tell whether yesterday was a really busy day by some arbitrary standard or not. I have trouble with this, in general — knowing whether something is “normal” or exceptional (for good or ill). So, was yesterday busy? I have no idea.

But, we got the kids up and going, K practiced her instruments, M did his chores and his penalty chores, we went to Spanish class, had lunch, went to Fleet Farm for two hours, got home, laid the last of the dirt, planted, got the hose out of storage, washed up, saw Iron Man 3, came home, got the kids to bed. While taking care of puppies constantly, doing four loads of dishes, and losing only marginal ground to entropy.

The kids got new summer shoes, I got new summer shirts that fit, K replaced her broken carabiner for her backpack, M cleaned up some old and previously-missed puppy pee, I got dog poop on my hands while unfurling the garden hose and scrubbed off, K made her own dinner, M’s ammo packs for his foam dart gum arrived in the mail, we mailed K’s application to the wall trampoline workshops, I email coordinated with my family for their visit on Friday, I had to change clothes THREE TIMES due to dirt, J held the gerbils twice to socialize them, the puppies ate a seed pod, I cooked breakfast this morning and kale chips after the movie, I replied to an email interview —

It’s a perfectly average day off for me. Made easier by the fact that we skipped school and replaced it with gardening.


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